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Established in 1995, Alternative Health Supplies will help you to discover the amazing world of natural health. The Wellness Industry is booming, and we are one of Australia's largest specialist alternative health suppliers, with hundreds of selected products which we have evaluated and compared and believe are the best of their type available.


Guaranteed quality and remember - it's YOUR HEALTH ~ YOUR CHOICE!


Top quality products such as Tri-Genol, the new lactoferrin supplement Maxi-Ferrin Pro (lactoferrin/catsclaw), AO Lactoferrin,  Rene Caisse  Authentic Sheep Sorrel Formula, and Sir Jason Winters products Liquid Olive Extract, Bovita Bovine Cartilage, PromaxinResveratrol,  Percy's PowderGoji BerriesTangosteen Juice, Breuss herbal teas, genuine Japanese CoQ10, MSM, Colloidal Minerals, Enajon, as well as and Joint Active and NZ Mussel Extract for joint repair, Arthro-Aid, Basikol, Tiger Balm, Vari-Legs, Selenium, Detox 1- 2-3, Calcium and Magnesium Complete, Sports Oxyshot, Oxyrich stabilised oxygen,  DHEA, Melatonin and HGH, colloidal silver, Sun ChlorellaSun Wakasa and Sun Siberian Ginseng, MeMax, Memory Power,  Xcitement Plus, TribulusOmega 3Fish OilStress EzeEYE Q, EYE Q Chews and EYE Q Liquid, Hulda Clark Tri-plex formula, OmegaGen Krill Oil,  Parazyne and BioGest wild yam products, FemmePhase, and Quick Cleanse, Bioeffective A320,  MC-S Immune Therapy, Hepatic DetoxHeavy Metal Test KitLivaTone Plus and LivaTone Shots, Vital C, Magnesium and Calcium Complete, Glucemic Balance, Metabocel and Flora-Max, Lacteeze, Zen TherapeuticsPerfect Sweet Xylitol, SAMe, Ocean Milk Coral Calcium, Coral Water and Reparen, plus a selection of Musashi products, health books and a complete range of Yoga & Pilates DVDs, and self-hypnosis CDs.  We carry only 'practitioner' quality - so you won't find any of the cheap discount brands here!  We are mail order specialists and in most cases (supplies permitting) we will dispatch your order the same day.   Click here to see what some of our customers say!  



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